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About The Chair Man And The Tea Lady
The Chair Man and The Tea Lady was founded in 1993 by Jeffrey and Linda Grossman.

The Chair Man (Jeffrey) is a "weaver" (redoing cane, rush, splint - all natural fiber seats) as well as restoring pieces by tightening and repairing them. 

The Tea Lady (Linda) also specializes in tea related items such as teacups and teapots, tea bag holder sets, colored glassware, and other special pieces of porcelain and china.

We set up to sell antique chairs, porcelain, and glassware at various antique shows around New England during the year (including Brimfield at the J&J Promotions field-space C8).

If you're in the West Bridgewater, Massachusetts area, please check out our booths on the second floor at the Eclectic Collection on Route 106 (near Route 24).

We also have an eBay store located at

Another location to see some of our items is on at

See our advertisement on the Wicker Woman site:

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Inquiries can be directed to (781) 871-1230 or via email at