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Do you purchase porcelain and glassware to resell?

Yes, but since we have so much (and don't have a shop to display items), we tend to be very selective about what we purchase. Mainly teapots, teacups, glass sets in holders, and other items related to tea.

How about chairs? Do you purchase chairs for re-sale?

Again, since we have so many chairs in our own inventory, we're very selective about purchasing any others. However, if your chair is very unusual, we may have to consider it - - yes, we're 'chair-aholics' and probably will never be cured!

How much do you charge to re-weave seats? (Estimated prices as of August, 2017)

Hand caning - where there are holes through the wood all the way around the perimeter of the seat - count the holes and then multiply that number by $2 for up to 89 holes;  multiply the total holes by $2.50 for 89 holes and greater.

Pressed cane - where there's a sheet of cane that is held onto a seat (or back) by a spline - is approximately $150 per seat.

Paper/Fiber Rush - looks like paper bag material that's been twisted - approximately $150 per seat

Natural Pre-Twisted Rush - actual reeds that are twisted to form long strands - approximately $235 per seat

Danish Cord - approximately $350 per seat

We also do splint, binder cane, and shaker tape (to name a few) and prices are dependent on the size and scope of the job

To compliment our re-weaving, we also offer re-glueing/tightening of the joints of chairs which usually costs $35-$50 per chair.

Do you offer pick-up and delivery?

Yes, for local pick-up and delivery it's usually $20 each; further distance, price to be discussed.

How long will you have my chair?

Since we work on a first in/first done basis, we may have your chair as many as 2-3 months depending on the extent of the work. We will not put a customer on the work list until we have their actual chair in-hand.

I understand that you don't have an actual store. Where can I see your tea related porcelain and other items?

We have three spaces at The Eclectic Collection (second floor) on Route 106 in West Bridgewater, MA. Lots of items for sale... You can also see items in our eBay Store at